How To Install Presets



Installation instructions for MOBILE presets are included within the downloaded file upon purchase, or you can watch the video tutorial HERE.



You can watch the video tutorial HERE, or follow the written instruction below :)

1. Make sure you have the desktop version of Adobe Lightroom installed. If not, you can download it HERE.

2. Extract the .zip folder by double-clicking it

3. Open Lightroom

4. Click on the "Lightroom" (for Mac) or "Edit" (for Windows) tab at the top left, then click "Preferences"

5. Click on the "Presets" tab

6. Click "Show Lightroom Presets Folder"

7. Navigate to: Lightroom > Develop Presets

8. Copy the folders that were extracted into the "Develop Presets" folder, like THIS

9. Close Lightroom

10. Reopen Lightroom

11. Click the "Develop" module in the top right. Your presets will be displayed on the left side.

12. Enjoy! :)